Monday, April 14, 2014

It is Telecommunicators Week!

I know. I know! You are shocked! I've been horrible about writing lately! So here y'all go, a new post!

Today marks the beginning of National Telecommunicators Week. Or in simple words, Dispatch Week. It is a week where those incredible individuals that answer the phone in a time of crisis are put center stage and are shown the gratitude felt by the agencies and citizens they serve.

I may be one of those individuals that answer the phone or key up on the radio, but it does not diminish the gratitude I have for my coworkers, whether in my own agency or any agency across our great country. When we began our careers, there was something within us that called us forward and asked us to serve. We had the courage to answer that call and we continue to have the courage to answer that call each and every day.

For most, when they come through the door and fill out an application it is "just a job". They quickly learn that being a dispatcher is so much more than "just a job". It is a way of life. It changes you. You become a different person. I have watched housewives that are coming back into the workplace after years grow right before my eyes. I've watched the young kid fresh out of high school mature into an incredible young man. They are no longer this naive young person that isn't aware of what goes on in the real world. It becomes a wake up call. I've seen them grow and be so proud of what they are becoming.

I've seen it in myself. I've seen the growth within me. It hasn't always been easy. There are times that it has been helluva hard! There have been times when I didn't know if I could continue walking through that door and get through another day. But I have and I will. What gets me through each and every day are the people I work with. They are what makes the bad times bearable.

Thank you, my friends! My strength when you need it, gratitude, and love will always be with you!

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