Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Too Many Pieces To Mend

I cannot count how many times someone has told me they don't know how I do my job. They couldn't do it. I am here to tell you, there are days that I don't know how I do my job, but I get in the car, I drive the 15 miles into work, I park, and I walk in the doors. I sit down, I put my headset in, I am briefed by the previous dispatcher, and I do it. I do it because someone has to. Someone has to pick up the phone. Someone has to answer the call for help. I do it because I feel a sense of well being when I help someone. There is that one moment before you hang up the phone, when your caller takes a deep breath and says thank you.

There are days where I feel stretched a bit thin. It is during those times that I remind myself why. I remind myself that I do this job because I love it. I do it because I love helping people when they are at their ends. I look at my co-workers, we share a laugh or two... or three. We share a call that hit us at our cores and remind each other that we have all been there before.

One of my guilty pleasures is to watch the TV series 'Flashpoint'. I love this show! I recently watched an episode where a song played at its conclusion. I'm not sure why this song spoke to me, but it did. I don't mean for this post to be depressing. I do want this blog to be educational, uplifting, but at the same time I want to share the emotional ups and downs we "on the job" face. I'm including the song so that you may hear it if you want.

With that said, to my fellow dispatchers, police officers, and firefighters... I have the deepest love, admiration, and respect for you.



Too Many Pieces To Mend by Libby Weaver

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